Welcome to my personal page, where you can find information about me and my projects.

I am Alexandre Almeida, also know by the username M-374 LX (or M374LX when spaces and hyphens are now allowed), a computer programmer, game designer, and musician.


Origin of my username

I wanted a username that looks like a model of a machine and I ended up with M-374 LX.

The name comes the word "metal" combined with the letters A, L, and X, taken from my real name, then some letters replaced with digits and finally a hyphen and a space added.


My projects

Lyjok's World: Also know by the codename Project Taurus, a cross-platform classic style horizontal shoot 'em up. For more information and download links, check the project page.

Positron Wave: A 1980s-style musical project. Its music can be heard on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Crazy Driver: A homebrew game for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. For more information and download links, check the SpritesMind.Net forum thread.

UselOS: The "useless operating system", a small operating system for x86 PCs I decided to write as a way to better undertand how an operating system works. More information, download links, and source code avilable on GitHub.

Projects I have contributed to

LMMS: A free, open source, cross-platform music production studio. More information can be found in the project's page.


Email: wilsalx /at/ gmail /dot/ com

GitHub: github.com/M374LX

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/M374LX